Summer Orchestral Conducting Institute 2020

Dedicated to the art and craft of conducting



Join us for the inaugural season of the Summer Orchestral Conducting Institute (SOCI), created by Miguel Harth-Bedoya in collaboration with Caminos del Inka, Inc. where students of all levels will explore the art and craft of orchestral conducting, in a rigorous and encouraging setting focused on teaching the fundamentals and establishing a solid foundation in this art form.


Falling in love with works of music is at the core of orchestral conducting. Beyond that, every conductor must have the fundamental knowledge and skills needed to study and understand a score, and to lead an orchestra in rehearsing and performing that score at the highest possible level. Conducting is about respecting a composer’s work, having impeccable musical integrity, communicating through clear and effective gestures, and being devoted the members of an orchestra. The vision of SOCI is to build a foundation by addressing these points and giving students at every level the knowledge and skills they need to become self-sufficient, prepared musical leaders. 


Location: I.M. Terrell Academy, Fort Worth, Texas

Instructors: Miguel Harth-Bedoya and Associate Faculty

Ensembles: Lab Orchestra and Ensembles comprised of members of the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra and advanced students

Applications: The application process is now open.  Applications will be reviewed upon receipt, and acceptances will be announced on an ongoing basis until the class is full.


“I deeply believe that all who wish to learn to conduct, at any age or level of experience, should have a gateway to do so.”




The Conducting Institute was first developed through the "Fundamentals of Orchestral Conducting" as a workshop series with the goal of inspiring talented musicians of high school age and above to learn and explore the art of conducting and the duties of a professional conductor. The workshops presented an overview of the basic elements and foundations of orchestral conducting and developed basic knowledge and guidance of score study, conducting techniques, overall musicianship, and leadership.

The first workshop took place in June 2018, and was presented in partnership with The Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra and Texas Christian University. "Fundamentals of Orchestral Conducting" presented a balance between theory and practice, of both in-classroom seminars and lab-oriented orchestra and ensemble sessions. Subsequent workshops were also held in late 2018 and June 2019. During this initial phase, we have received over 200 applicants informing the need for this type of experience.

This series of workshops has now been developed into an orchestral conducting institute, beginning in June 2020. The format of the institute has been expanded into three, full weeks in order to present a comprehensive approach to the fundamentals of orchestral conducting. This expanded schedule allows for better monitoring of the grow and development of the participants.




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